Our Outsider-in Approach: Universal Design

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are core values of Events by Lady K. We use the concept of Universal Design in the planning and execution of all our events. Universal design suggests that solutions created for those most marginalized among us create greater access and opportunity for all. Our approach isn’t to simply use a checklist, it is an integrated philosophy that extends throughout every level of our conceptualization and planning processes.

Events by Lady K is one of the only companies throughout the United States to explicitly utilize the Universal Design framework, and we are proud to be the industry leader in the upper Midwest region. Our underlying goal with every event – from partnerships with clients, to vendors, to attendees – is to transform their understanding of what an inclusive and engaging event experience can be and how to apply the principles in their own events and other areas of their lives.

We know that when an attendee enters an event, each and every one of them should receive the message that “you matter”. That means paying close attention to how they experience every detail from aisle width for ease of wheelchair movement, to restroom access for all genders, highly visible signage, interpreters for ASL and multiple languages, large print and braille materials, welcoming and inclusive language in program descriptions, racial/gender/ability/sexual orientation diversity among presenters/speakers.

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