Our Planning Process

We work best in highly collaborative environments! Whenever possible, we favor in-person meetings to conference calls to energize the planning process and build rapport as partners.

At the onset of each new project, we meet with the client to learn about what has already been accomplished, define roles and responsibilities, determine immediate next steps, and discuss the goals of the event to ensure strategies align to achieve desired outcomes. We discuss strategy and tactics with each client to ensure work isn’t being duplicated, micro-managed, and foster a collaborative and energetic process!

From there, we create a mid-to-high level timeline that includes big deadlines, recurring checkpoints, and production needs to cross-reference with the planning partner’s institutional workflow and calendar to avoid conflicts and burnout. We then create a detailed timeline, assign specific tasks with a deadline to the responsible partner, and continue moving forward accomplishing the tasks.

We have found great success in regularly recurring check-in meetings as opportunities to discuss content, refocus on the goals, and be creative. Whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, they assist with on-going course correction and problem-solving to prevent anything from becoming an overwhelming issue. Our team has experience using a plethora of project management systems, including Basecamp, Dropbox, Teamwork, Google Drive, and others.

Our experience gleaned from our numerous working experiences as a team, is an asset to any project partner. Together, our abilities to combine to create events that inspire, equip, and connect attendees and planning partners.

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